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Magica - A template for integrated online game platform

I recently decided to work slowly (I mean really slowly) on making an incremental online game that features 2D acolytes using spells to go adventuring, and I chose for the platform.

After some amount of tackling I made a simple but rigid template that uses Websocket and reads MySQL database. This can be used to develop offline game (if you leave out MySQL) or literally any 2D game you can imagine. However the more complex logic including keystrokes, mouse actions and physics are not implemented. I focused on the tricky Text fields and Sockets, if someone wants to develop a game out of it, he/she should find it more straightforward to do.

Mind that Magica is built upon ES6 Javascript and requires Node.js installed in your computer to properly build and run.

[Image: 62YqvLk.png]

If you wish to develop a game starting from this template, feel free to contact me by Discord and I suggest you go learn about how works and also read about how WebSocket works.

For websockets, is definitely a great help.
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