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Easier Data-Editor (STM93 Version)
No noteworthy new features but a lot of bugs fixed and few changes, in short:
* crash by unused frames
* rounding errors by bodies/itrs etc.
- better showing of 3D itrs
- the scrolling factor changes with zoom level
Thanks given by:
A small update for you, a big a for me. A lot of internal stuff changed.

Appreciable (more info in changelog):
Opacity option added
[Image: easierdataeditor_opacity.png]

Small edge
[Image: easierdataeditor_small_3d.png]
Thanks given by: STM1993 , Ghanu
After a few bug fixed updates, which I don't reported:

The new feature is very special. The "Frame Reformatting" supports a few commands and mathematical operations now. It is possible to declare a range for values or add/multiply to values and so on. Before I try to explain it, see the screenshots.

Screenshots / Manuel (Click to View)
Explanation (Click to View)

  • Add to "Frame Reformatting"
    • + MIN(x)
    • + MIN(x)
    • + MAX(+)
    • + LIMIT(x;y)
    • + CEILING(x)
    • + FLOOR(x)
    • + TRUNCATE(x)
    • + mathematical operations
    • + option: reformat only selected text
  • - "Frame Reformatting"-Window
  • * ZWidth of itrs were wrong (thanks to the guy of the Chinese discord server and STM than ambassador)
  • * "?" removes negative and sound tags/attributes
  • * reset of the background-color while zooming

EDIT (31-07-2019) : WRAP-MODE HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS. I don't know if it is problem of GPU or not. It is an issue from Scintilla.NET - not from me! So if you see nothing change the wrap mode to "None"
Thanks given by: Nakato , Ramond , STM1993
Update Time AND LANGUAGES!!!

I worked on update beginning of my free time. Finally, I can publish it. There are lot of intern changes again and it supports languages now. And I will mention it already: THANKS THANKS THANKS TO Leaf.F! He translated the project into Chinese.
I rewrote ALL classes wherefore class names have changed and the total structure of the project. The settings and layout will save than "settings_v2.xml" and "layout_v2.xml" inside the "LOCAL/Easier LF-Editor/Data Editor". So it is possible to keep the old version of the data editor and the use both versions (idk why that someone should do that).

When someone wants translate it in his native, he can download the "Language Example Pack". I will try to update this thread with all languages - provided that the authors let me know that they have a new version.

Full Changelog (Click to View)
Screenshots (Click to View)

Full Pack:!LJpXQaRJ
Only Language File (Chinese; v1.0):!LM5VjDJb
Language Example Pack:!jIIXHSqT

Google Drive
Full Pack: Google Drive - Full Pack
Only Language File (Chinese; v1.0): Google Drive - ZH-TW
Language Example Pack: Google Drive - Language Example Pack

STM93 - tester
Leaf.F - tester, translator
Thanks given by: STM1993 , MangaD , A-Man , Nakato , Mesujin

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