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Merry Xmas to everyone here!

I'm a golden aged user of Roblox and I love it! You all know that the famous movie "AQUAMAN" is out now, Roblox also make an event for it, they created a game of it and provide us with plenty of prizes.

Here are some of the prizes:

Aquaman's Gladiator Armor
[Image: 665a528b8bd5472bdc8b52099e0c267a]

Aquaman's Trident
[Image: 5efd867e91d3de34ed0cb5611bf20153]

one of the Grand prize:

Aquaman's Hero Suit (ignore the head pls :/
[Image: 1ee6fd8938d9e08ecb9cabb4fe517894]

His face Reversal made by Roblox I'd say:
[Image: latest?cb=20181120231708]

Few Aquaman's skills/Moves in Roblox games:

Hurricane Blast
Generate an underwater tornado and launch it forward

Fury Fist
Unleash a rapid barrage of punches on nearby enemies

Ice Trident
Throw a spear of pure ice at your target

Summon a whirlpool of fish that hit object around you

I popped up an idea of a seriously I have no clue how I could make Aquaman become a character in LF2, lol

i seldom be online on weekdays btw
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