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German to English Translation
Im trying to read some obscure german occult literature but the problem is i can't read it. At the risk of losing the spirit of the text, via google translator, I am troubled so I'm in search of someone capable of properly restoring the meaning of the words as they were intended to be with as little bias as possible. I have yet to find anyone capable or interested in translating the works into english. Are any of you willing to take on the challenge or aware of anyone else who could manage to decipher this puzzle?

The books I have in mind are:

Der Jahresring by J.O. Plassmann
& Indogermanisches Bekenntnis by Walther Wüst

[Image: Ahnenerbe_7.jpg][Image: Walther-W%C3%BCst+Indogermanisches-Bekenntnis.jpg]
A sequence of variables thatre engraved since the beginning of the cosmos is responsible for animating things in reality
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