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[Real life] Movement, pain, skills and more!
(01-26-2021, 05:33 AM)juliadavid Wrote:  I want to ask what's the right age to start a Gym? My kid is 13 years old and he is forcing me to get him admission to the gym. And the more concerning part is he is also taking protein bars. But when I asked why you're eating this he said it's just candy for energy after exercise... your opinion on this? He purchased it by using Built Bar coupons.

Hi Juliadavid,

It depends on what his goals are for training. Going to the gym is a good thing, also for people growing up. I wouldn't advise bodybuilding style training though, which is what most guys these age will be doing. Bodybuilding style training will make you stronger and can even improve joint health (opposed to popular belief), but you have to do it correctly, something most people don't know how to... At a younger age, you have to be a bit more conscious, but if proper technique is taught and trained, it may be really good for him.

What are his reasons for wanting to go to the gym? In my experience, being strong will have a very positive influences on things like overall health, stress, mindset (learning a routine with training, good nutrition) and confidence. I think at his age, mainly confidence is an important motivation.

I hope you won't just say "no, you can't". I guess you won't do that, since you've taken the effort to ask me questions here :)

As for the protein: shakes and bars that contain mainly proteins are meant to recover more easily. He won't need any additional protein if he gets enough from natural sources like chicken, eggs, beans, etc. I do recommend protein shakes to people who might get too little of it, same as I'd recommend vitamins, minerals or (a good) fish oil to people who get too little of it. Usually if you eat from natural sources and are not a veganist, you'll have a high enough protein intake (it's like that in the Netherlands, with our standard diets..). I never recommend protein bars to people though, except for candy :p They contain much sugar most of the time, which makes them kind of addictive (to me at least), especially because you might tell yourself it's healthy. If you want to supplete on protein, I'd advise going for a protein shake instead. As for energy after the gym: going for a isotone sportsdrink, a banana and some protein (~30g) not too long after the workout is better than a protein bar, but a protein bar can be eaten to restore energy as well, he's not wrong about that :)
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