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Character: Leumas
A New Character that might look familiar to you all enjoy :)

All the required files should be in there please let me know if there are any missing please let me know. :)

And the movelist is also in the file.

I just made a Video just showing his moves (Just Click this link to the video):
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Welcome to the forums.

Do include screenshots or a description of the character next time to get people's interest.

Made a quick download just to help give a quick description:

It is a green Davis (green clothes & energy) that shoots yellow projectiles.
Readme with id lines provided (1 char and 2 balls) but no movelist.
[Image: unknown.png]
He has these stats:
walking_frame_rate 3
walking_speed 13.000000
walking_speedz 4.500000
running_frame_rate 3
running_speed 27.000000
running_speedz 3.600000
heavy_walking_speed 13.000000
heavy_walking_speedz 4.500000
heavy_running_speed 27.000000
heavy_running_speedz 3.600000
jump_height -18.299999
jump_distance 17.000000
jump_distancez 5.000000
dash_height -12.000000
dash_distance 51.000000
dash_distancez 8.000000
rowing_height -2.000000
rowing_distance 5.000000
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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I will do that next time thank you for letting me know :)
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isn't this character in lf2 4 turbo?!
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(09-27-2019, 07:25 PM)king_freeza Wrote:  isn't this character in lf2 4 turbo?!

Yes but this ain't the LF4T Version Leumas
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