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How to fix LF4 Turbo music bug!
For those that aren't aware: There is a fighter called Woody5. It's a joke of a characther, but fun to play aswell. He has a sepcial move when he does ADJ, he does a spirit bomb(?). The problem is, when you do the super move, music starts playing. A 1:20 music file that just loops, and never stops to be exact. No matter where you go, it still plays when you exit the match until you close the game. The easiest way to fix this, is to remove the code for the music to play. Here's how i fixed it:

In the musik folder, there is a file called m_4.wav. THIS is the song that plays when you do the super move. Now, you can't just delete the music file!!! You actually need to have LF2_data changer. There are 3 .dat files that need to be changed: swoody.dat, goku.dat and Musik.dat. Hold CTRL and press F. Now just type m_4 for every dat file and remove these lines from the code: images of the codes After you have done that, now when Woody5 does his ADJ, music doesn't play!

P.S: The reason why you can't just delete the m_4.wav file is because the .dat files have a code that says when you do a move, play the musik. It just says: sound/m_4.wav, so that's why you can't just delete the file. Enjoy :D
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My guess:

The problem is in the sound file configuration (not in the LF2 exe).
It is possible to create loops inside the music playback line.
Something quite common in games.

Another option would be try to re-record/edit the song and it will probably be played only once.
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