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Character: Memento & Sauce's original character edits
(08-04-2020, 03:29 AM)sssks6070 Wrote:  
(08-03-2020, 04:00 PM)酱油君~ Wrote:  Sauce's original character edits
[Image: GMtTeSl3kEQvq4r.gif]
[Image: TlhLm1ZPJIrFz2V.gif]
If anyone own these sprites,please call me.

From where did you get freeze's sprites ???
Memento give me a folder named "From 2.4",I thought It's coming from your "Little Fighter 2.4",and then I asked if we should use other's sprites,and answer is "Yes,only non-existing moves that we feel should be added."and then I used it.Do you make this sprite?
Sauce,No.1 player in China.
I don't need any fame,because I know who I am.
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