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Character: Memento & Sauce's original character edits
Should we, or should we not, implement a move like this DvA (spawns a column to a friend, with an ice sword in it)
Edit: I won't be using it, so here's the sprites and data for whoever wants to use it

[Image: LUdtEzf.gif]
Here's the latest version of Woody.

What's in this update:
- Balanced his new move and added a minor dvz to it (I can still delete the dvz. When you aim for going up or down with D+A, you often end up doing D^A or DvA. So I guess I V1.0 it won't be in)
- Changed the input for his new move to DA (Defend + attack).
- Made minor edits to his DvA: somewhat better in masses (vrest 9 > vrest 7), injury from 20 to 18 per hit, added dvz 1 so he can move on the z-axis while doing the move
- Added special frames that I might implement, but need opinions on. I'm not sure but I think in this version you can press D when you're in the dance of pain, so you'll fall to the ground (protect yourself from further damage)

Current version works best with the old AI in my opinion.

Updated download link: download Timelapse Woody V0.99
V1.0 will be the first 'real' release of the character, meaning sprites, data and AI will likely not be changed much anymore. Consider this a pre-release of the character. Before I release v1.0, I'd like to hear (/need to hear) opinions from people who took the time to download and try the character. it would be much appreciated, thanks.


@Sauce could you change the AI so he uses some combos rather than mostly dash attack? I know how to set values I think, but I easily mess up stuff with brackets and such. Maybe you could make a part in the AIs that says something like 'instant moves' and is simply a list of specific situations in which Woody would choose for a move. If you'd add something like that, I can do a little more for the AI already. (Also we could use this for Louis' data)
Original character edits
LF2 Timelapse (open source mod)

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