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[Char] Spike (update: new AI)
(08-18-2020, 09:25 PM)Memento Wrote:  Neat character! Here are my thoughts so far:

- I mainly feel like the characters needs a (1-2 punches) stronger armor and he can be slower during some of his movements, although when you know how to play the character you could say he's perfectly balanced. Especially with characters like these, I like them with custom AI to get examples of combos and stuff from :) Is somebody working on that already or is it too early for it?.
- Using id: 6 is rather inconvenient in my opinion.

(09-08-2020, 09:14 AM)Nithin6777 Wrote:  This was an awesome character to play. I really love boss characters which don't mimic Julian again and the character being a melee specialist is cool too. But my only problem is AI. Using ID 6 is inconvenient in my opinion. As you mentioned looking forward to your AI for this character. :D
1. I assume that if I'll give Spike the id of Knight (37) it will be better, although, if you want to play stage 5, you rather put his lines in data.txt below the lines of Knight  :)

2. I made AI for Spike, I'm still quite sure that it needs improvement.

Here you go:

And thank you all for your comments!
Thanks given by: JCostal , Nithin6777

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