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Mod: LF2 Alternate Future Mod
Hello guys. Today I come to present my Mod / Stage, This mod is more focused on the stage with history and renewed characters with new abilities.
The aim of the mod / stage is to be fun and pleasing to the eye and gameplay. Unfortunately for tastes of colors.

1: The name of the mod: LF2 Alternate Future.

2: its history: Well the history of the mod as the name says is a different future for our heroes, some will appear and others will not, some will be good and others will not, some will be key in the story and some will not. The story is based on 3 characters, Davis, Henry and Justin. One day Davis and Henry were in their daily training, when they heard Justin ask for Help ... the following must find out x)

3: The enemies:
The enemies in lf2 are many but here I want him to have more Boss and for everyone to have a special ability, or something that represents them, each time before finishing the stage you must fight a boss that has something to do with the history of LF2 AF ..

Davis: Davis is the only playable character on the stage, because the whole stage talks about him while Henry will be his partner on some occasions in the stages.

DancePunchs: DvJ

SingLongKick: doubleJump + D^A/D>J

DoubleJump: J+J

DashDefend: D+J

FallingRowing: Lyng +J/D

SuperLongKick: DJA
[Image: 37tWG.gif]

a small error in the position of the opoint. But it is already fixed. :)

Skills are still missing but fixes are missing.

Music: The music is completely new and with more beat.

Stage: it will have its own story and boss each end of the stage.

EXE: I am working on neora pdk because there are more things that are easier to do than the original Lf2.

stage shots:

[Image: 37tWa.png]

[Image: 37tWc.png]

[Image: 37tWa.png]

I am about to finish stage 1 with its story, much of the whole story will be based on forest places
and rocky.

This is all for now when I finish the first stage I will have the download link.
Thanks for reading and see you soon.
Thanks given by: MoragWan , The_Hari
Cool, I really enjoy heavy modified stages, will be waiting for it.
Allow for playing with other character though, even if they don't make sense story wise
Thanks given by: FerZ

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