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Character: Persona!: Looking for a NEW look n AI
Hi everyone, I am new here. I am here to share my characters and looking for their unique graphic(icon, sprites, sheets, etc.) and AI.

Let me introduce him to all of you, Persona! One of my favourite characters, he is a combination of Twisted Fate in LOL and Persona in Fantastic War T. Unfortunately, I am a newbie without any skills of making new characters, so I can only try my best to finish the first draft of this character.

So please help me to draw new sheets for him and do his works in AI!

Persona is more likely a "Jungler" in stages; he can create his own phantom and replace his phantom by transporting back to it. He can also pick Blue, Red, Yellow card depends on what you want to do. And he can also escape danger easily.

And here is his demo.


Thanks, LOL Maplestory and FWT for the idea.
Thanks, SK-LF2 for some of the frames provided.
I hope you all enjoy this character, and I hope he can have a new look and AI.
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xD nice, tf mains will love this char
i like ur char keep it up man :)
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(10-09-2020, 07:35 PM)KAIDO1 Wrote:  xD nice, tf mains will love this char
i like ur char keep it up man  :)

Thanks, man,
I have created a few characters too, but I love Persona (TF) most.
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