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[char] Walter Renewed (2 extra spells)

Walter - Mist Pale Water Saucerer

Came upon this char Walter who had only 2 moves and felt like a minion rather than a hero. But he had a lot of potential and there was this cool unused dragon sprite asset in the zip.
So added 2 new moves, one of 'em using the unused dragon asset.

UPDATE: Dragon Form [D^J] tweaked a bit. Bite now requires 75 mana, but initial mana cost reduced to 100 so overall remains the same. Gives players a bit more option and strategy now.

[Image: walter-f.png]

PS. I have heard of LFO but was never interested in it back then because of the Online thing. According to the included readme, Walter was a char in LFO and this was a fan creation for LF2.
I don't know about LFO Walter and this renewed ver doesn't plan on staying true to the LFO version.



1. Water Cannon
D>A (40+15+15+... mp)
Shoots a cannon of water. Can be shot continuously as long as there is mana.

*NOTE: Relatively unchanged from the original. The old one had you pressing A to continue firing, like Davis' Balls. This one is like Firzen's Beam.

Screenshot (Click to View)
2. Water Wave
DvA  (90 mp)
Conjures a wave of water that engulfs foes, splashing them down to the ground.

*NOTE: Unchanged

Screenshot (Click to View)
3. Counter
Press Attack key after defending an enemy's attack to flinch the enemy with water energy.

*NOTE: Unchanged

Screenshot (Click to View)
4. Bubble Pop *NEW
DvJ (110 mp)
Summons a small, weak chasing bubble that grows larger as time passes. Damage and other attribs increases as it grows larger. Will pop by itself after a short delay after it reaches max size.
Cannot be rebounded but can be hit and popped.

Screenshot (Click to View)
4. Dragon Form
D^J+A (100+75)
Transform into a Water Dragon that dashes forward a short direction. There is a short (but not that short, 6 wait frames to be exact) window to press A and bite.
Bite costs 75 mana and deals x2 dmg.
Up or Down movement can be controlled.

Screenshot (Click to View)


A modification of Ricky Mok's Walter.
"I have been playing too many 'AAA' games on my PC lately. I gotta stop. Why you ask? Well, I saw this really beautiful sunset once, and the first thing that came to my mind was, 'The clouds need more Anti-aliasing'" - LThaz3
Thanks given by: Sorcerer , Thauan0312

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