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[bg] Wide Screen BGs
Backgrounds optimised for use with Leaf.F's "lf2_2.0a_WS".exe
Screenshot (Click to View)


HK Coliseum
by Bandit & Co.

by Alectric

Rosary Duel
by ? (I don't know who made this. Please dm me if anyone knows. Credit where credit's due)

Scientist's Lair
by LutiChris and Bamboori

Dragon Fire (Originally called "Arx Leviathanis")
by Marshall

Agni Cave
by Apocalipsis

Violet Bittersweet
by Marshall


After extraction, copy folder to:


And add this line in data/data.txt:
id: XX    file: bg\sys\FFFF\bg.dat

where XX is any number and FFFF is the folder name.

Plan on adding more but with the lockdown easing up and work piling up, will probably be quite a while before the next BG.
"I have been playing too many 'AAA' games on my PC lately. I gotta stop. Why you ask? Well, I saw this really beautiful sunset once, and the first thing that came to my mind was, 'The clouds need more Anti-aliasing'" - LThaz3
Thanks given by: darkfiren

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