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module 'lf2' has entrypoint outside the code
Hello every1, I'm a longtime LF2 player but a new of changing data. last week I try to follow the tutorial in this post:
it's about hiding and omitting character in .exe use ollydbg. I followed it and success hide character have ID from 30 to 69.
Today I want to hide char from 30 to 99 so I use ollydbg to open .exe. But I get the noti like this: [Image: 1bq12om.png]
(the first time I open the exe to edit I didn't get this noti). I try to search the instruction: "JNZ SHORT LF1477.0042BFE0" (// if cheat is disabled then jump to...) but it's didn't have that.
I notice that the address of my exe is 0075xxxx [Image: z9WS4oO.png] but in the tutorial above is 0042xxxx (the first time I edit .exe, my address is 0043xxxx but it's no problem)
So is there any1 has same problem? please help me... ??
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Hi gianganlam , Welcome to the Fourms !!!

No idea why you're facing such error which involves Entry point

Anyways the address which stores Entry Point is 00400128

So, you can try comparing this address with Normal exe and the exe which you are using ... maybe this can help you !!

As for the EXE provided by 1477 for hidding characters with id70-79 -

I think that edit still needs some working on it -

  • Characters with id70-79 or any higher than that are still accessible in Championship Mode
  • Dunno why for me that exe always crash when I use left key in 1on1 Championship mode

That's all from my side !!!
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