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Download LF3BYTITASZIBIKAS1.9k here:

These DevLogs are getting longer, bigger, harder, but here I go AGAIN!

Version 1.9k is here! "So, what's new?", you may ask. Here's a quick rundown:
1.Remastered my-made Ssj3Vegeta and added him instead of CuteJulia2.
2.CuteJulia1 can now make an Explosion, though Julian is helping her out in the move's key-frames. Go figure.
3.Louis has armour again.
4.Fixed the transparent/black values for several of the backgrounds (didn't count, how many) and the characters (notably: Goku, Harlequin, Julia, Grayfox, Deep, Rudolf and John). There's still some left, here and there, but to the heck of it!
5.Added the mod "LF2-AIStrengthen" by Sauce for better original (not all) characters' fighting ability. It's a bit buggy on some of the chars, though, but, MAN, now it's way HARDER and way more FUN!
6.Updated and added the Story Mode scrips (ENG+LIT) in the "lf3fiction" folder.
7.Fixed Marshall's falling frames, which caused spawning Leos.
8.Remastered the Weapons' and Criminals' sprite-sheets.
9.Added "LF2 Character Guide" by Jiquera Mondilano and the "LF2.5_ce_manual" readme.
10.Remastered the Stage Mode (say NO to Criminals and say NO to Easy Mode!).
11.Wrote a long-a$$ (still incomplete) Credit Text, including the list of Characters, their Moves and the Backgrounds; most of the last ones are by Anonymous Users, so, yeah, bummer. Anyways, thank you to all not just LF2, but also all of gaming, Modders/Creators out there --- you know, who you are!

P.S.For The Next Version, --- probably Last, --- I'll be working on balancing issues, fixing errors (which even whilst writing this, tick me off), and creating 8 tracks of music (OST). Cheers!

Respectfully, Titas Žibikas aka Paschendale

LF3_Credits_List_of_Characters_Moves_Backgrounds (Click to View)
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