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Been quite a while
Heya. It's, well, been quite a while since the last time I was here (about nine years ago Shock ), but I'm glad to see this place still standing.

In those days long gone, I had… quite a lot of issues, though. Including self-loathing.
It wasn't 'til two years ago that I finally started dealing with all those.

So yeah. To those who've been annoyed by past me, including the staff, I'd like to apologize.

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So… what's new around here?
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(05-28-2022, 06:13 PM)Cibryll Wrote:  So… what's new around here?

Nine years ago... that's before discord r exist.
Well you can start by joining LF-E's discord, the link was on the top of this website.
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Project : Little Fighter 2 Enchanted 3rd
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(05-28-2022, 06:13 PM)Cibryll Wrote:  I can remember some of the members posting that one quite a bit in that counting thread, haha.
Ahahaaa, I remember that gif as well!
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Keep on keeping on, dealing with your demons (?)
Did you go by another username back then? Your current name doesn't really ring a bell.
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