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[Representative character] Kenzo
Ehrm can you pm it in german?
i dont understand a word of what you all are saying
and i cant use an dictionary cause my ie closes at every dictionary site
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here we go
i've found a method and he will look like this
[Image: previewrs9.png]
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That looks very good. Begin with the breathing now
(but maybe he is a bit small, or is it just me?)

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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i've got the half of the breathing (really hard work with just photofiltre)
(I dunno if you've reallyzied it but he is a LITTLE fighter :P [Just joking])
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Ah my face is finished :P
Selfmade so please dont be to hard
[Image: kenzoffj1.png]
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all right, then I'll try to be nice in the next episode of BLUE PHOENIX'S BASHING :D

The face looks good, just some little things that I'd change.
- The line at his chin is broken, try tracing it
- the next is kinda... short, like if some bones were cut out :P
- 2 white pixels on the left side, sitting in the hair
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the white pixels is the one thing that i'm angry
my mouse is totaly sh*t and i dunno how i'll be able to work precise with this damn mouse
to the second:
Thats rudolf i cant edit it with this damn mouse sry
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Muah, pony tail is not good looking on facepic and character doesn't have it on sprite ;/. Also he has not smock and waistcoat, but kimono.
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I know that he hasn it in the sprites but i cant edit it
1 because i have a damn mouse
2 cause i dont have the skillz to
Here is the rework
(Btw: the kimono usw is my style just accept it)
[Image: 20s7fgw.jpg]
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[Image: 2wh48lj.png] Spent 30 minut...

I made this just 4FUN, for skill, you can use it or not. I'm training only xD.
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