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A Brief History Of Little Fighter Extreme
I just reached 1000 subs, which is a huge achievement given that LF2 isn't popular anymore. I didn't have time to make a celebration video like the 500 subs one because of the LF2 All-In-One Spreadsheet project (which is much more important if you think about it). But this is a special event for me so I just wanna write out some thoughts while looking back at all my videos from the beginning (I hope you don't see this as advertising; if you know me, you know I'm not that kind of person).
As a side note, this post is quite cringe and personal.

June 4th, 2017: First video (Deep in LF2.5)
Bruhh, 360p, a random free recording software and "tonyrobbin"?! Jesus.
By the way, I used to upload LF2 videos before that, but they are all trash along with some other trash videos so I deleted that channel and started this one.

June 16th, 2017: Channel trailer on my birthday!
Wow I must had a perfect timing back then.
"I will try to beat the most difficult, maybe impossible modes."  :awesome: I can only laugh at the LF Extreme back then.

June 19th, 2017: First time speaking!
Yeh I did reveal my voice once a really long time ago. I was too lazy to edit the video so I just spoke it out, in the middle of the noisy neighborhood.

June 23rd, 2017: First Hell Moves video!
Wow I spent time doing this that early? To be honest, this is just me copying ideas from other YouTube videos. I saw that they have lots of views so I just made the same content like that. I focused a lot on views, subs,...back when I was just a kid, not now anymore.

July 2nd, 2017: Such a memorable Sunday morning
I and my neighbor (let's call him G) grinded this challenge the whole Sunday morning, from 7 or 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.! We literally screamed at the top of our lungs when we beat the bosses! I did record our voices and saved that video in my USB, but it had virus and everything was lost :(

July 9th, 2017: The 4VS4 playlist
I ran out of LF2 content (because I never heard of "mods") so I did this kind of video. I recorded this playlist with another neighbor (let's call him C). We spent the whole Sunday morning recording the entire playlist!! Oh boy, that was good time...

July 28th, 2017: STM noticed me!
I was so proud of my Davis skill, he used to be my favorite character. Then STM made a whole reply video showing what you can do with Davis:
Lmao I was shocked right at the 1st combo :awesome:

July 2017 -> April 2018: A break
Probably got bored of LF2, I made videos whenever I felt like it.

June 25th, 2018: LF4 Turbo Hell Moves - The most viewed LF2 video on my channel!
I really didn't expect it to have that many views. Looks like it is even some people's childhood now. Lots of people are LF4 Turbo fans now because of this video (judging by comments on my channel). A Vietnamese fan even told me (on Messenger) that he downloaded the video, kept it safe and watched it many times :D Funny how the smallest action affects the entire world in this 4.0 era.

August 2018 -> December 2019: Oh my god a huge break!

April -> May 2020: Broforce all the way! My neighbors, my friends and I were so excited when I discovered that game!

May 4th, 2020: C and G, remember our days?
C, G and I played LF2 together for a very, very long time, probably 5 or 6 years. Before this channel, I remembered we got so sick of LF2, then we stumbled upon LF2.5! The surprising reaction when we saw Henry calling out the eagle was priceless. Then we tried to find mods on YouTube, there was this 19-video playlist (gone now) that we treated as a treasure for all the amazing mods. Little Fighter Empire, I don't remember if I ever saw the website back then, but the UI was very unfriendly for kids like me. It is also because of this that I try to make as many LF2 videos as possible nowadays, when I still have time. Because you might not realize this but, lots of people out there never knows anything about LF Empire, the Discord, the community...any of that. They just watch YouTube and wait for me to upload more chars, more mods.
Back to the story, heck, we even tried the Network Game function in LF2, which never works. We recorded a bunch of LF2 videos together. If you see a 3-people video on my channel, that's probably us. Time passed in the blink of an eye. We are still neighbors but we don't have any reasons to meet and talk now, we're all too busy. It always touched me when I thought of the time we played together, which will never happen again. So many memories...

May -> August 2020: LF2 mods all the way!
I made videos about every mod I can find, people coming from everywhere comment this and that. I think this was the time that the channel grew the most.

July 6th, 2021: 500 SUBS!
I probably reached 500 subs earlier than that day. It was just the day this video was published. I introduced other channels, other people in the community to the viewers. Because look, my channel sucks, I suck, the only thing I have is popularity. A lot of people made unbelievably huge amount of contributions to this community so I just want them to be known more.
Side note: I edited the description of that video telling viewers that StarsLight cheated :D

August 2021 -> April 2022: Another break.
At this point I kinda had fans already so I received some comments asking where I was lol.

May 14th, 2022: I joint the Discord server!
And a whole new world unfolded before my eyes! One of my happiest moments ever. Before Discord, I recorded videos and uploaded just for fun, kinda lonely you know. And then, wow...everything you guys did blew me away! So many familiar faces (STM, Leviaiz, Iriga, Shad90,...) and so many new faces (darkfiren, Mesujin, Remie, Luigi,...) with so many awesome things you guys were doing!

June 26th, 2022: A cool DC mod I made!
Pretty proud of this small mod to be honest. I learnt DC with the help of so many people in Discord. I know I was so annoying back then with so many questions, but I really appreciated that you guys actually spent time helping me!

August 1st, 2022: The first character video!
I didn't have any intention of doing this. A viewer asked me to show him how to play as Julio in LF2, which was a very weird request but I did it anyway. This introduced me to the world of custom characters, which is even bigger than the mods! I enjoy doing this and probably will do more in the future.

August 27th, 2022: The first DC lesson!
Learning DC was a pain for me and I don't want anyone to be in that hell again, so I made the series. Pretty high quality if you ask me, just some minor mistakes here and there and I have you guys covered that for me! If I have time, I'll make some more modding tutorials.

October 2022 -> January 2023: A break because of the university entrance exam

March 26th, 2023: 1000 SUBS!
A memorable milestone for me. I really don't have much to say other than thank you. Thank you GGBear and STM for the early support. Seriously, who is willing to watch a random mediocre LF2 gameplay on YouTube and leave a comment? Thank you all the amazing modders for giving me cools mods to play. Thank you all the people in Discord for answering all my stupid questions. And finally, thank you all the viewers who watch my videos or support me in any ways.

My channel makes a bunch of mistakes. Yes I'm a perfectionist but the amount of videos I have to manage is really huge so mistakes are unavoidable. And because I'm a perfectionist, tell me any mistakes I made and I'll fix them instantly.
For now, I'm doing the LF2 All-In-One Spreadsheet project, which is basically collecting all LF2 mods ever made (head over to the LF Empire Discord if you want to know more).
I love playing and making videos about LF2. Honestly, I never feel sad about LF2 being dead or unpopular these days. I play it, I have fun. That's all that really matters.

Yeh, that's probably it. Have a good night!
Thanks given by: Bamboori , STM1993 , MoragWan

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