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mind control?
(09-27-2008, 10:00 AM)psiiijay Wrote:  thank alot, ill try working on it.. i still wont put it in solved yet i guess till itll be readyand running?

erm, this thread will never go to solved since it's advanced DC :p (or better say: It's an interesting topic which could be interesting for other good dcers, too)
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LOL I just noticed this post. I actually tried the itr/kind3 to frame 1000 plus copying thing, and I realized it's really hard to do. First you need to create some sort of ball that would transform into the char, but the ball cannot delete the char. Since the copying ability will throw the char, it is impossible to copy then delete it with the same object. In order to make the char go to frame 1000, you must have the char using the ability grab the enemy and delete him after the ball copies it (I used an energy column to hide two people until the original is deleted).
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