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Mainsite down
As you can see (at least in this very moment) the mainsite is down. No need to panic or to post billions of topics stating this, we (MH and I) are working on it ;)


Problem fixed, topic solved & locked
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Let's make a thousand topics like the lfe downloads.
That is the thing that a new member may think.

But i've to say
Cool down.
It's not the apoligize and if somebody posts a thread like the downloads...
i'll back myself a toasted bread :D
I'll be really angry about this one
So i have to say.
Read this thread, think about it, complain it and eat a toasted bread or may a cookie but cool down
it wont be forever
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actually blue phoenix made this thread cause of this:

Quote:Blue Phoenix sagt:
ich hab erst ma ein announcement gemacht
Blue Phoenix sagt:
das uns lästige fragedinger aus dem weg räumt
MH sagt:
das die mainsite down ist?
Blue Phoenix sagt:
MH sagt:
Blue Phoenix sagt:
ansonsten kommen wieder diese ganzen davisuser, woodyplayer, superjulians oder wer auch immer, und posten so einen scheiß

sry for all guys which dont understand german, will not translate this :p

mainsite is fixed now. While working on some link-stuff (will tell you more later) there was an error within the database and we had to delete and restore it.


Basically, what the quote says is that I'm sick of people mentioning such problems, so, in order to avoid this, I posted the announcement as soon as the problem occurred. That's it, I know, it say a little more, but it's the complete meaning of the thing ;) ~Blue

davisuser, woodyplayer, superjulians - that made me chuckle. And that happens seldom nowadays... ~DON
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