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stealing abilitys
i need to no if is possible 2 interact with some1 and steal their speacail attack like if u hit them u gdt one of their specail attack
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... you just posted something exactly the same in this thread, which I answered with a link to this thread, which has the answer to how it will work.

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i want him 2 steal his specail attack not copy so when he steals it opponent cant use it after
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L0l so you just have to make loooooot of characters, with, without one, without two, without three skills... etc
then make in all of them frames, which are changing them to character without skill...
them you have to make this attacks to your character with similar method...

Just use your brain!

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Help me and test my new game basis!

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no there might be another chance - but hard to realise. THe char you want to steal the special ability from has one move where he need 450 mp (must be very much to make it special :p) and he create an object like a powerup in Kingdom LF2. This special ability needs like half a minute to charge up. So make the powerup follow the char with itr/kind 8 at y. 1000 corresponding to a bdy at y: 1000 in the char.

When the loading is finished you can use the ability (change the itr/kind 8 or actuvcate objects. whatever).

Now for stealing-move, just catch the char, the enemy dont have a bdy in the caught frames and so you can steal it while bringing the object to different loading frames at y: 2000 (your char).

load up works same way.

YOu also need to set a lock-mechanism for the loading so the char can't have two special abilities loading the same time...

maybe I create a study example for this, it sounds like a really cool idea :D

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