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create a clone which comes from the original character id but moves on its own
is there a way? to spawn a clone from the character's own id which runs around and attacks by its own, and if the original gets hit then all the clones disappear. sounds difficult but does anyone have any ideas?
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i had a solution if the clones are from other ids:
-the original creates the clones
-the clones have an itr: kind: 8 in each frame which leads to a dissappearing-frame
-the original character has a bdy at the same y-values as the clones' itr: kind: 8 in the injured-frames

the itr: should be very wide so they dissappear everywhere when the origin was hit
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well, this solution only works for id: 5 & 52 (as their clones just have 10hp).....
When you clone yourself, you also create a type-3-object which sticks to you via itr/k: 8. Means: you'll have to create a special bdy below the ground (like y: 4000) which makes the object stick to you (yes, that includes an itr/k: 8 in that type-3-object, duh :P). The only frames in your character that don't have these special bdy's are the injured, burning, and falling frames. As soon as the object looses its reference bdy, it'll move on to the next frame where it deals 10hp damage to everybody at y: 4000. Chances are high that you'll survive the 10-hp-damage, whereas your clones (which just have 10hp) will die. You could combine this with a reaction that your clones have died, and argue, that your character will feel the pain, too :D
Anyways, after the clones are dead, you just make the object disappear and you're done.

On a further note, if you want to make that effect for any id, I suggest you to check out the >Move After Death-Technique, you'll just need to replace the damage the object deals to you & all your clones to 500. What you also could do is, when the object is about to decrease your hp, add an injury: -500 which just hits your character (so: small itr). Then, when the objects hits, you'll just lose these gained hp, but your clones didn't get the hp-boost :P

wow, this is a lot of writing, and a pretty cool question.
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