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Ingame bugs of Lf2
(08-17-2011, 03:54 PM)Doj Wrote:  lobby is close by reason of sync error if i am play lf2 with someone survival at crazy

That's not a LF2-specific error, and it's happened to us too. Chiko thinks this error happens when at some point two characters are hit at once (probably with different attacks) and when one of your characters reaches a certain low hp value.
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i think even wich the problem ever be if we typed ""
this is at no time happend. only if we played on crazy
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I'm seriously considering reuploading OP.

Anyone knows any really, and I mean like REALLY kind of really stable image host?

Also a very few ( I think only like 2-3) gifs would require to be hosted to mainsite due to being something like 7-8 MB and the only one such host has long gone to oblivion. That is as long as it's possible.
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(08-20-2011, 05:35 PM)dixon Wrote:  Anyone knows any really, and I mean like REALLY kind of really stable image host?
Photobucket, it's the one and only.
It has had only one error time (for about 1 week) at the time i have used it (over 4 years), and even after the error, i got my images back.
It is trustworthy and the images stay there for 100 years if needed D:
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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Okay it's whole back up. Rejoice!

Also, some stuff I managed while doing the innocent Julian clone freezing.
[Image: WG0eW.gif]
(Yep, Julian clone coming to life without Rudolf's help - couldn't reproduce, I believe odds of this happenning are astronomically low, although one could do it easily if F7 is pressed, which makes tornado harmless.)

[Image: 2TFNF.gif]
(I swear I jumped right after I touched floor with Julian, so some tornado magics most likely allowed me to grab Freeze.)
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noticed this just now, was wondering if survival was cheating on me - turns out it's a bug
[Image: Hdol7.gif]

Ramond edited this post 04-10-2013 10:13 PM because:
I know this is late, haven't seen this until now, but in case you still don't know, Template's super punch has an arest of 15 (meaning once the super punch hits, he cannot hit anybody with any attack until 15 frames have passed) and the next punch just manages to fall into that time frame (I guess) :P so it's just bad data instead of a bug.
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Quote:so it's just bad data instead of a bug

That could be said about 99% of entries, I suppose. :p
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