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LF2 compact mod - epic fail |:\/
i wanted to make a compact version of lf2 with less colors etc, so that users with slow pcs can play more fluent and the game doesnt take much space (i know that the original is not much, but well :P)

well, here is it:

just to say it: this project is kind of a fail cause the game order is now bigger than the usual one x_x

although it gives you an oldschool-feeling (if you like that :P ) and MAYBE it will be faster for slow pcs, havent tested yet^^

have fun (or not) ^^"

EDIT: noticed that some chars have a black box around them, will fix that!
progress: chars black boxes removed, working on bgs
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Quote:LF2 compact mod - epic fail
if you want to klick on the link, THATS an epic fail.
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I *think* the link worked before. Probably he removed the link.

Bamboori. WHY?!
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lol, URL-fail :D

Yea, so, can you show us a little screenie of what you're working on?
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basically its just an lf2 with stripped down sprites, so the game is smaller.
the epic fail is that the game is now bigger than the original one :V

and yes, i removed the link, cause i noticed that many chars have a black box around them, also in bgs.
going to fix that.

it is not really a mod, just an lf2 thats smaller and has other music and badder sprites :D (like nes or gbc)
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