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Dont move on Stage
*arrives on scene*
all you have to do for the character to move when he's on state: 15 is.........

add this bite-size code into your char's data.

      kind: 1 dircontrol: 1

and wow! you can change direction that u're facing even in state: 15.

*edit: I think i should explain my theory on this?
well i thought if dircontrol works with cpoint, then perhaps i can just have a cpoint somewhere and it would still work, and yes it does. however, If you're not holding someone in the cpoint, you will go to next: 999 by default.


I'm sorry that I have to edit your post but the colour is absolutely unlegible (sp?) on the MyBBdefault theme. - Cirno
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*welcomes Azzy*

Nice.... so... I guess I'll use that somehow... dunno how and when... but I'll use it

*evil smile and laugh*

Just wanna know something... what happens when you use that in combination with itr (k: 8), will you go to 0 or to the dvx-val? Something tells me that I already know the answer...

Back to the actual problem... I need to know from the thread-author, if this problem is solved or not. If he doesn't answer, then I guess, this problem is solved...
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Azriel Wrote:you can change direction that u're facing even in state: 15.
wait of the dircontrol frame must be 2 or higher

@cirno: illegible
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simple first create a bandit frame 398 state: 8997 now bandit transforms into a type: 5 object(he cant be selected in vs as a charecter) but now there will ocour a error he cant transform why simple the charecter he transforms into is not a charecter so now we give him everything a charecter has like walking_frame_rate: ??? walking_frame_rate: ??? and so on now we try again no it wont work what can we miss oh there it is head: ???\???\???.bmp and small: ???\???\???.bmp and name: ???. Now it shall work yep now he to the dont walk frame 0 shall have state: 3 insted of state: 0 and in all frames use state: 3 exept defend use state: 7 now moves it shall be easy do like if was a original charecter if you want a study example download gjp-lf2(lfe>lfe-fileplanet>lfe downloads>gjp-lf2> download) one of the pac mans will be able to transform to a type 5 objekt
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afaik, u can´t transform into type 5..
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active again.
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