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Running up the sides of stage
this is pretty cool!

And there is a way to temporarily get rid of the "Com" without editing the exe file, but it only works temporarily.

But if you create a limit on how far characters can run up the wall of the screen (which might be a good idea, as you probably don't want them running up forever), then it should be perfect for your use.

Basically, opoint your ball, then use the "invisible" state (state: 1280, if I remember correctly, should give you the most amount of time). Of course, this means that you have to have frame 0 available for this to work properly.

I wonder though, are there any complications when two or more of the characters that run up the walls run next to each other? Or have you corrected for this possibility already?
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see its genius right who ever thought itkind8 could be used for so many things.
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I am obviously too late to say this but there is a way to make running opoint something. All you have to do is put a wait: 0 in the running frames and a opoint. There's a character in LF3 called darker that opoint's flames while running and that's what I did for one of my characters.
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we fixed that long time ago already^^
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easies coding but pretty advance to get it right
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