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Contest #2: Background Challenge
(02-09-2009, 10:25 AM)sadbhav Wrote:  
(02-08-2009, 05:39 PM)ApOcAlIpSiS Wrote:  
Quote:(not necessary but appreciated) any specialties of this bg
This means... a description of the Bg?
I think he means that the bg can have any special effects like random fireballs falling from the sky or ground or something like that, right?
Yep, you got that one ;)
Would be great if you mention in the readme (and/or in the post) if it has something special and if yes, then which one ;)

(02-08-2009, 05:39 PM)ApOcAlIpSiS Wrote:  Great, now I can submit my Bg to 13th Zone and LFE Bg Contest xD
lol, I didn't check 13z for quite a bit :P
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I guess I'll be the first to submit then lol

Natura Shrine

[Image: screenshotzc2.png]

Width: 1600px
Parallax Scrolling: Yes
Animation: No (Nothing fits in this Bg Dx)
Dynamic Effects: No (See Animation =/)
Components: [ ] Ripped parts [ ] Ripped and new parts [ X ] All new parts
Battle Area: [ X ] Small [ ] Medium [ ] Large

This was kinda of hard to do... didn't know how to do the trees that are everywhere in the bg... Anyways after many tries I came up with something decent I think...

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I tested it and your background is fantastic. I love that background with the water, stars and forest.
Great, your spriting is wonderful.
Thanks given by: Apocalipsis
Thanks for the compliment. I was seeking for a background with a good atmosphere in a forest, there wasn't a lot of them =p
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dam, there goes my idea...
i'll have to think of a new one now
maybe i should try complete my halo bg?

EDIT: i've got an idea, which i have made, just making adjustments, though its not colourful at all
its pretty much just greyscale, though i may add some green lightning or something, NO ONE STEAL THIS IDEA!!! :D

EDIT2: here is a little preview of my background, i did more than i thought i would, but i will still add more or get rid of the fog, depending on peoples comments (this is the entry yet)
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wow, pretty cool bg! good work, apoc ;)
And your description looks really nice, too, this is how I imagined it :)
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"Freeze, you're under vrest!" - Mark, probably.

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Thanks given by: Apocalipsis
im not finished yet,
but here is a little recording of the bg, because it is better than a picture
what i want is some comments, on the glowing, or the lightning flashes, anything!

EDIT: sorry had to remove attachment because of it not working unless you have the map
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Srry Alex
I can't see it...
(I'm preatty sure it's good comeing from you ;) ) lol

This is what it sais....

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Same... but anyways we need the background to watch the replay correctly, I think.
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oh, should i just upload some more screenies?
breif decription:
lightning flashes every now and then (havent counted)
the symbols on the spires glow green, (only 2 at this point, i will do more)
parralax scrolling
everything in is done by photoshop by me

BTW, the symbols on the spire are actually random letters and numbers in the font 'wingdings' lol
i will finish soon
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