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[char mod] knight duel, different combat system
i had this idea walking home from school today and i put it all down to dc in about 3 hours i think. this was a simple little titbit i made based on the idea's of the combat system from a game called
Savage 2. (well its old combat system before it changed)
anyways, i just made this today and i would like to hear your comments about this idea. i'll copy and paste all the info i put into my readme to make it easier. this char just uses knights existing sprites so would it be okay if i not made screenshots? or do you still want some?

character dl link below:

its based on a different combat play and it just uses this custom knight i made. unfortunately, this fighting system can only be used with these custom knights and will not affect other characters.

EDIT: i forgot to say that DVA was disrupt in my readme

[taken directly from my readme]
this combat style works only with these two knights. it wont work against other characters
the combat in savage 2 (back then) was based on scissors paper rock (rock paper scissors, jankepon...whatever)
except scissors was punch, rock was defend and paper was disrupt. so you know the rules:
-rock beats scissors
-scissors beats paper
-paper beats rock

but now its this:
-defend beats punch
-punch beats disrupt
-disrupt beats defend

what happens?
if you defend the opposing knights attack, they get stunned and a bit hurt and you can attack.
note: D>A will allow you to attack without waiting for defend time to finish. be careful, not too early!
if you disrupt the opposing knights defence, they will get stunned and hurt and you can attack.
note: disrupt barely affects the opponent knight without putting on defence.
if you attack while the opposing knight is disrupting, they will get hit and disrupt wont be any effect.
note: disrupt only does a tiny little bit of damage.

what is disrupt?
disrupt is just a special move that is made to 'disrupt' enemies defend. it does more damage if you hit the enemies defend but
when you dont get it, it will do a tiny little bit. opposing knights will get stunned if disrupt hits defence but with no defence,
it does not make the knight flinch.

for those who are lazy and cbs reading the whole post;
i made something and dl link is above.
~its been a long time coming~
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Really nice idea ^^

I'm interested in how you made, that the char reacts differently on the attacks, depending on it's state... special bodys/itrs?
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thanx :)
not really that fancy dc. its just putting itrs and bdy in different levels and frames to make it react at the right time :)
attack frames has extra bdy at like -10000
defend has extra itr at like -10000 and bdy at -20000
disrupt has extra itr at -20000
~its been a long time coming~
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Isn't utilizing knights a bit cheap? After all, their armor class is extremely high and everything...

Anyways, I think this is one of those really great innovations that revolutionize game experience and that you should make a mod out of this concept. If you're already thinking about it, I think you should hurry it up before the ideas gets stolen and someone beats you to it :D.

Again, good job and great idea!

~Solomon Leung
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lol actually, i noticed and forgot to mention that because its the ID armour that is the reason why knights have armour. so the id on the custom knights have no armour. and besides, i tested with armour and its simple ridiculously hard to play with.
well i am thinking of making more stuff possible on this idea but im not sure yet.
i was thinking of making a more universal style for testing.
im currently modifying deep to see if i could make it work on all normal characters.
so far, im having a bit of a hard to time with the defend and disrupt.
if i were to disrupt, i would instantly destroy any weapons that are in the way. where as with the knights, i wouldnt. and also when hitting the enemy, its really imbalanced to make then get stunned because it could be used as a cheap form of offense. but with that, if i break the enemies defend, well it literally looks like defend didnt work and the character is just hurt and they recover too quickly for disrupt to finish.

i wouldnt mind trying it out though. it reminds of how cool the Savage 2 was back then. you could be really pro and take on a whole squad of enemies and beat them.
anyways, i have no experience at attempting to make a mod. i only know how to dc characters and im a very slow spriter (cos i use paint).
~its been a long time coming~
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