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can someone help me to modify the exe file please? ^^
because i like watch mode very very much :P
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Ok :D
Do you know the recording function (in LF2 v2.0)?
In the folder where these recordings are saved, they are recording files called demo01 or something like that.
Then delete these files and start lf2. Record yourself playing (or make a cahr which creates another char and kills himself.. then you have 8 bots playing :D) and rename the recording files into demo01 (or what it is).
And now youve got a demo with the chars you wanted.

Here we go :D
Hope it helped
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i don't undeerstand at all.

can you help me to modify it please? ^^
i just try this
but demo mode still can't select any secret characters. :(
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Well i can try to explain it better :D

1. Downlaod LF2 v2.0
2. Ask a good DCer to make a char which creates another char and kills himself. <(o.O)>
3. Install that char on your LF2
4. Start in recording mode
5. Then make a party of 8 fighters, including one that u play yourslef, the char i explained on 3.
6. Do the move whichs creates a char and kills yourself. Now wait.
7. If u waited enough, you stop recording and look into your lf recording folder. Theres a data which is the record u just did.
and then:
8. Rename it into Demo01 or whatever..
9. Then start demo and i think it will work

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ok, I'll try to explain what you have to do with DC:
First you need to create a new character. So go into the folder LF2/data. There just take one character file, for example woody. Copy him and rename the new file in for example... nathanael. Then edit him with the datachanger( you can download it on LF-empire, or maybe someone does all this for you).
1. change his name like you want him to be named.
2. Edit the data.txt in the same folder and add the line
id: 56 type: 0 file: data\Nathanael.dat
3. Now you have a character exactly like woody, but his name is Nathanael.
4. Edit his file again. The first frames are
5. Take the first frame to create a new character:
<frame> 0 standing
pic: 0 state: 0 wait: 5 next: 1 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 dvz: 0 centerx: 39 centery: 79 hit_a: 0 hit_d: 0 hit_j: 0 hit_Fa: 235 hit_Ua: 70 hit_Da: 260 hit_Fj: 250 hit_Uj: 275 hit_Dj: 290
x: 40 y: 35
kind: 1 x: 23 y: 55 weaponact: 23 attacking: 0 cover: 0 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 dvz: 0
kind: 1 x: 83 y: 44 action: 0 dvx: 0 dvy: 0 oid: XX facing: 0

kind: 0 x: 21 y: 18 w: 43 h: 62
The bold thing is new. it creates the character with the id XX( look into the dqata file). So you can choose any character you like. In the next frame you have to delete your own character. Unfortunately I don't know how to do this. Maybe someone else can help here.
Anyway now you got a computer playing with every char you like while you are dead. So start a 8 player battle in VS mode and choose Nathanael. Then only computers will play. For the recording function look at DarkFirzenEX' post.
I'm not quite sure wether this new character will be in team one if you was. You'll have to try out.
Anyway this is a possibility for fights with more then 8 players. Just use more creating frames before killing yourself.
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Ok with the kill yourself thing i may help you:
Add this code into the nathanael data. Delete everything except of the satnding and the name thing.
<frame> 255 kill_yourself
   pic: 145  state: 1700  wait: 2  next: 0  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0  centerx: 39  centery: 79  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
      kind: 1  x: 40  y: 39  action: 40  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  oid: 390  facing: 0
      kind: 1  x: 17  y: 51  weaponact: 20  attacking: 0  cover: 0  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0
      kind: 0  x: 18  y: 11  w: 37  h: 68
Then change the standing frame reaper posted.
There is:
pic: 0 state: 0 wait: 5 next: 1
change the "next: 1" into "next: 255"

Now duplicate the data john_ball and name it nathanael_kill.
Post this into the data.txt:
id: 390 type: 3 file: data\nathanael_kill.dat

Then open nathanael_kill and goto frame 50-54.
There is "injury: 100"
If you change that into -500, i think it will work.

It maybe sounds a bit complicy, so it would be easier if you ask someone to do that.
Maybe i could do if you dont want to do it.. but try :D
Thanks given by: Reaper
i don't want add any new chars
i only want to unlock all characters in demo
any way to do that?
Reaper and DarkFirzenEX
can you help me modify the exe file please? ^^
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I wonder why nobody ever mentions "next: 1000"..... There you have your self-kill or, properly described, self-annihilation.

btw, the fact that Silva hasn't responded yet is usually a pretty sure sign that it is impossible/hard to do. Just wanted to let you know.
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well, the demos aren't random I think. So you can't change them.( Maybe I'm wrong with that)
What we wanted to explain is that you can fight in VS-mode with only computers if you turn yourself into a computer player.
And the easiest way to do this is with a new char. Because then you can play in CRAZY with and can let the computers play.
Maybe there's also a way in HEX, but I have no idea how to work with Hex-editing. And I think it will be more difficult with HEX.
Edit: oh didn't know that it works with next:1000 :)
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fight in VS-mode with only computers?
8 computers?
is it possible?
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