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Your very first LF2 steps
Hey everyone.

It's my first message in the forum.

So this topic will allow me to introduce myself during the same time!

(Ty LutiChris)

So I'm just a young adult (19 years) and french man but a very old player of Little Fighter

I have known lf2 when i was in "CE2" in primary (7 or 8 years) (I don't know if it's the good word in english), but my true encounter with the game was in 2007. I've played during three years with a french community. (An old forum). But three years later, I have stopped the game and the forum. (the forum also lost all activity). So now, I want to play again (Despite the fact that I lost my level). But there aren't french community.
It's why i'm here!

Don't reject me because I'm french. :D

Thanks! (:
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Hello Carabeen! I am glad that you want to pay fl2 again and even more that you joined our forum. here are a lot of things to explore. try search about mods char bg, etc here and in mainsite too. there are some threads i think where you can connect to play online, i think some guys play time by time online. if you want to make your own project that nice too, look around and you will find everything necessary how to code lf2 files and draw sprites too, in case you have forgot that :p

so you are welcomed :)
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Alright, I haven't shared my story yet.

I discovered LF2 in the summer of 2002, because a friend of mine, who is still my best friend today, played this game. I started playing the game as well, Freeze was my first character.

My focus in LF2
I got addicted to the game, then I found out about the possibility to make your own characters. I uploaded a pretty bad Dennis edit to good old lffusion; man was I proud :D
I was active in the fighting scene mostly however. I was in the top 10 of the rankings for a couple of years, even defeated some names in the top 3 that only the other old, lifeless LF2 nerds might remember :p Ayam brand, LF2ghost (he was #1 at the time^^), LF2Master.
In the end, the game wasn't challenging enough anymore, so I stopped playing online. I've been focussing on creating LF2 characters and other things than LF2 during these years (going out & getting drunk :p, sports and studies mainly).

Forums & nicknames
During this time, I also went to robotical world (which was later known as game4fans), and lf2-global & the official forum a couple of years after that.
I've had some name changes in these years. I started as Willem5, then I made a double account named Xtreme-FighterX (xfx), after this I made even another double account named Neocrypt. I even had a diffirent story for each nickname, as I didn't want to get caught :p. After a few years, I decided this double accounting had to stop so I openly admitted that I had double accounts and started using the name Neocrypt from then on basically. So as you can see, most of us have some kinda of a noob (his)story :P

That's basically my story :)

Edit: welcome Carabeen! I guess nobody will have a reason to reject you if you speak English by the way ^^
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Huh, I didn't make a post here.

My brother introduced me to Little Fighter 2, back when it was version 1.7 - old sound effects, old face pics, no Julian/Bat/Justin/Knight, no Louis armor, Freeze ball having a different sprite. We would play together on the same keyboard through stage mode as Firen & Freeze. If I remember correctly, Firen is my first character.

Shortly after, I don't know how, I eventually learned about modding in LF2. I didn't bother to learn proper modding, simply throwing together mods from The Little Realm, and eventually made my way to Robotical World, which kept getting renamed as Lucky007, Game4Fans, RealityDesu and now its a dead forum called ChenCubed - during my time I was an utter noob who kept changing usernames and also explored other games. I've also been on lf-forever briefly before it became a russian LF2 site, and spent a bit of time on the official forums. Ultimately, I would find my place here in LF Empire - hands down the best LF2-related site even back before it is named the official fansite, with excellent resources especially for data changing. I was active enough to be a moderator, which explains my VIP status.

I never played LF2 online except once a few months back, but I resolve to never do so again, not when my geographical location doesn't match up with many other members and the game becomes ridiculously slow.

I did go on a period of online hiatus of about 4 years, but I never actually stopped playing LF2. It is such a simple game that I already know how to play and still remains fun; I've yet to conquer Stage 4 difficult without freeing hostages, and I've only cleared Stage 3 without hostages twice (Freeze & Dennis); failed all my other attempts. I've recently lost a lot of interest in gaming in general, but LF2 is still a fun game that I can just load up anytime and just play, and that inspired my return. It is actually only recently that I took up serious data changing and making proper new characters, and I came back with my 1st serious work Trevor Belmont. My 2nd and latest serious work would be STM1993Steiner. I'm presently planning a full LF2 mod as a "demake" of the original since I feel proper spriting is too much work haha.

So yeah. That's me.
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Steiner v3.00 (outdated), Challenge Stage v1.51
Luigi's Easier Data-Editor, A-Man's Sprite Mirrorer
Working on the LF2 Rebalance mod.
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my first experience with lf2 was when i am 2nd
i used to take henry at first

and tried to complete the stage

and after 1 year i took freeze for first time

next rudolf

at the last davis {AFTER BANDIT}

after 3 years i found lfe

i used to download everything thing from lfe

recently jioned lfe

Not to mention i am noob in spritesheets but not in spriting

and dcing you ask?

i only know how to increase a running speed jumping hïeght

Sorry for double post cause i am posting on phone and it cant edit

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