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[BG] Disrupted Tower
Arh, dang. I forgot to add the stone-fragments from the upper level. :/
Anyways, the BG is finished already, so I doubt I'll work on it much more.

But, thanks for the suggestions.
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Very nice, Lauli ;) I really love Your work :P

But haven't You thought that it look really unrealistic if levels scrolling aren't the same? I thought. Maybe You can do it same and it'll be great a project ;)
Thanks given by: Lauli
I thought, that things move like that in real-life too?

A cuboid (?), with some funny stripes on it to demonstrate the movement,
viewed from that angle: (Actually, LF2 doesn't really have a viewing angle for LF2, but the one from the example is close I'd say.)
The camera moves along the striped side of the cuboid. (In the example it would be the z-axis the camera moves along, in LF2 it's actually the x-axis)
It looks like that:
Animation (Click to View)
The lower parts of the stripes move slower than the upper ones.

Still, it's questionable, if real things look good in LF2.
I'm satisfied with it however.

EDIT: Didn't anyone of you notice, that jumping is a bit unrealistic? The chars should actually be covered by the upper part...
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