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[mod] LF2 Characters with secret moves
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erm, you should definitly write a few more details next time, these are... really a bit less...

Well, I tryed your mod and... hm, a bit disappointed. Looks like nothing more like you added a few "secret moves" where you make nothing else thenopointing the objects from the normal move with a igher facing value. Also made a higher ratio in stage, congrats...

Erm, not sure if this is a great project...
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My first thought was: well, a new user, a new hope that at least one would follow the rules...
Nope, it wasn't the case. People appreciate screenshots, and, depending on your quality you could really boost your traffic. Except if you've already a good reputation, like Lauli or MH, then you don't need to add screenshots, people will download it anyways. But add screenshots, it's way better to have them...
Besides that, I'd appreciate some more information, like:
What's the name of "your creation"?
Is it a character? Is it a weapon? Is it a mod? (I've changed this subject title to make it a little clearer)

Well, let's give it a try. Hold on. Almost 40MB?! Dude, whatever you put in there, it should be from better quality, and optimized, otherwise those 40MB are definately not worthy my bandwidth.
gosh, my internet connection suckz...

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If you're bored, search for the number that doesn't belong into the pattern. I bet you won't find it ;P

Finally! Downloaded! *opens*
Hmmm, I just had a short look at the sprite-folder...
Basically, you just smashed all characters together that couldn't escape your download-click :p
That... erm... not good...
Let's see, if the gameplay is better...

Meh, no new graphics in the exe. Also here a big minus.

Your Readme Wrote:The code : lf2.???
Well, nobody would think of the original code if you tell us already the first 4 characters... Surprisingly, I entered the right code and got all the hidden characters.
Hold on! Didn't I see all these downloaded characters in you sprite- and data-folder? Where are they? Is there a new exe-edit? Did he beat Silva in id-related-stuff? A small look into data.txt will reveal the secret...
Wrong alarm, no new exe-edit. There are hundreds of dead files that just take up room. I guess, without them, you could compress the socalled "mod" to 10MB...

I'm fed up. I quit the exe, go one step back on my explorer, right-click, go to the delete-option while I press the shift-key. I click on "yes", and there goes your mod.
Sorry that it sounds so harsh but I just said the truth. I didn't even come to testing the characters like MH did. I was fed up before him.
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Wow, but you tested somehow more then I did, since I saw the "new" (stolen) chars while enziping, too, but didnt search :p
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Once I had a fortune, it said: "Leave now. Life is short. Time is luck"
Don't dream your life, live your dream!
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