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char "darius" [release]
ok here is darius: [edit:jossua made some changes in the data same moves altough]
admins plz move to releases thnks:)
some screenies:

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.rar   darius.rar (Size: 902.86 KB / Downloads: 1,103)
"I'm the president of the shadow government
The grand governor of the federal reserve
Public enemy of the society
The one you cannot see the thirty three degree"
Thanks given by: JossuaDC

Edit: Oh boy...
General attacks:
Good enough. I'm not too fond of the run_attack/super_punch, but it works.

Lightning Bolts: Overpowered. That's not what I meant with the dvx though ;P Well sprited, solid move. Attack power/mp-cost ratio is way off.

Chasing Zapper: I love this attack, but it's overpowered. That's the only downside of this attack.

Air Dash & Air Bang: It looks a little weird 'cause of the forward kick sending the enemy sky-high, but it's ok. Overpowered, 'cause you can kick an enemy up with Air Dash and keep him up this way until he's dead.

Lightning Cannon: I'm glad to see you've improved the ball sprites. I'm a little dissapointed 'cause it's almost exactly the same as Firzen's ball, but ok. The ball can move up/down - I don't know if that's intentional, but it looks rather weird to me. The shadows aren't as irritating as I thought they would be, but it's better than using state: 3005, I guess.

Lightning Explosion: Erm... Lightning Cannon has this beautiful sound effect and this attack only has a mere 'pow' :s The lightning is still penetrating the ground, but whatever...
Well-coded attack.

Detonation: No comment... Stupid move.

Self Heal: Overpowered. I asked you to balance it out, but it costs 0 mp to keep it up. I'm dissapointed.

Darius Crash: Good attack, but what's up with the 'centery: 66' in some frames? What the hell :s

And for the heck of it; here's a little instant-death combo (without using Detonation, lulz): Chasing Zapper + Chasing Zapper (unescapeable, of course) + Lightning Bolts.

It's a good character, really, but it's the little things that make or break a character. I really can't understand how or why one would give Darius Crash a centery: 66 - the first frames of the move have a correct centery, it's last couple of frames that have this weird centery.

I edited some small things (e.g. changed centery: 66 in Darius Crash to centery: 79), just to make Darius easier/nicer to play with - and it's a big improvement (imo) already :s

Edit2: My review is outdated now; it a review of the original. I changed most of the things that bothered me (read the first post of prince_freeza or my third post in this thread).
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Thanks given by:
Very nice,i like the charge move :P

-Moved to releases
Thanks given by:
i know ive done well DCing in this char>>>:)
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Thanks given by: JossuaDC
(05-06-2009, 10:20 AM)Angel_Adam Wrote:  i know ive done well DCing in this char>>>:)
There are little mistakes throughout the data, but it's a big improvement, yes.

Good job, prince_freeza and Angel_Adam :)
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Thanks given by: Angel_Adam
i confess that this char is better than angel,
i didnt think of those moves for angel>>:(
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Thanks given by:
Clickable: [DariusJMOD].
I've cleaned up some things.
Sorry for modifying your work without asking for permission, but I think you'll like the result :)


Edit: I tried to keep Darius(JMOD) as close to the original as possible. I still consider him to be overpowered though (mainly due to the Self Heal) ;P
Small things like injury/mp and a few states (a move using state: 0? Oh, no you didn't!).
The most dramatic change is the slightly altered Air Dash & Air Bang; the attacks now link directly after eachother and it's impossible to keep enemies up now.

Edit2: Updated link.
Edit3: Fixed a wpoint in Aerial Bang.
Edit: There appears to be an error in one of the falling frames. I don't know if Angel_Adam forgot a pic: # number or if he has changed anything in them, so I can't fix it.
Edit4: Modified some more things.

I'll take it down if you guys want me to.
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Quote:5. Screenshots - Any project that is being shown needs a screenshot. This is for the community to get a quick overview of the project as well as for the author to promote his work.
WhyTF EVERYONE ignores that ALWAYS ?!

Some more infos about the char would been nice.. for all that people, that haven't seen him in the Project's tread up to now.

Why you don't use the forum attachment system? ONE zipped char cannot break the limit, can it? (only 800kb -.-)

*getting annoyed by advertisment* (therefore i use forum attachment-system -.-)

Ow, thx ^^ I was credited *happy*
But you forgot a "copy the data-files into your data-folder"-line... n00bs will now only add the id lines and the sprite files ;)
Hey, you get a + for giving the files easy names (darius_*), that makes them easier removeable ^^


Test-Text (Click to View)
(btw, why you hadn't put the move list into the readme?)

A nicely sprited/sounded and DCed char, no major problems...
Besides he's freakin imba, of course...
And freakin imba characters you CANNOT play senseful ANYWHERE therefore i won't play this char longer...

However, if you could improve the balancing this could be a nice char ^^
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Well, when I've downloaded, I thought, he'll be like others Adam DCed chars (I mean overpower, not fixed, not finished, etc. etc...).

And I could say: almost felt the same in game. I don't know how to say it, but he's really not ballanced, not well DCed, BUT very good sprited.

This were a huge project (look at sprite section) and I've expected better work in DC, but well... well, if I don't think it's enough in DC part, I just rate You in sprites, and some DC basics.

D>A is nothing else like a simple ball.
D^A is bad for one thing: I think the enemy need to fall down when ball disappearing, and not that long time chasing, also change mp: 'cuz now I can kill my enemy with 3 of these moves, and mp: is 0 then... so yeah, it need lot of fixes...
DvA+A is nice move, but still, need to fix mp...
D>J is old and boring, plus: shadows and that thing - I see all balls, when I think the idea is one lengthy ball.
D^J is how is said: it appeared not at same time, change it, and You're finished with this move ;)
DvJ is nice, but what is this? Self destruction when all chars in field are destroyed? Bad idea, 'cuz IN STAGE MODE that would be OVERPOWERED!
DA, what could i say? Only BLA...
DA+A is nice move, but still not balanced.

So all in all it is not balanced, overpowered, and what I can say? Only: Angel_Adam style :P
Anyways, congratulations of Your awesome sprite job, and hope that next time You'll do it more exciting with DC and etc.
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*Sigh*....I don't understand why you people flame a piece of work that you yourself contributed in.

Darius was the biggest, most-widely accepted project during its work-in-progress in the 'Sprites' section of this forum. Lots of people complimented Prince_Freeza's spriting ability as well as the DCing. I've followed this mod's progress since its beginning, and I haven't seen very many complaints with Darius's moves, and have definitely seen absolutely no harsh comments (especially of the degree of repulsion displayed the replies above :D).

Why is everyone dissing this mod right when it gets released, and not when it was being worked on and could be changed? And why of all people are the flamers notably the greatest contributors to this mod (other than Angel_Adam and Prince_Freeza), notably Alblaka and SimonLF2DCer?

Besides, look at it this way, this is Prince_Freeza's first piece of work :D. Don't be too hard on him.

Another thing I've noticed. The character 'Darius' has actually followed MH-Razen's formula of a successful character in the fact that it has originated right here in LFE in the proper sub-forum, gone through all the proper steps in its work-in-progress, implemented all the reviews/critiques/suggestions into the buildup of this character, as well as actually having been completed.

I remember two things MH (as well as many other members) has/have been complaining about in the Projects/Releases sections of this forum:

MH's Complaints (Click to View)

As you can see, Darius passed the formula above with flying colors (in the fact that it didn't receive very many complaints), and has successfully avoided encountering the two popular complaints above regarding the Projects/Releases. I don't see why Darius should be insulted to this degree :D.

To sum it up, Darius was well received during its development. Why should it be flamed now that it has been released, especially now by great contributors of this character?.

Although I agree Darius is a bit overpowered, I don't think it deserves all these insults. I really thought that this character would be a celebrated character at its release based on its environment of response during the Darius's development.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. Hope you understood everything I said :D.

This must be my longest post yet :D,

~Solomon Leung
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