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Limited Transformation
So here is something I found out:

I know how to transform, and transform back after a special time

Before the chara transform´s the activates a ball (y: -1000) then he transforms, the 2th character has a itr y: 1000 in the standing frames the vrest should be very high (when this vrest hurts again you will transform back)

So and now comes the ball:

after the first hit it activates another ball, and when this ball is hit by the itr it catches the chara in the hit frame with y: 3000 (chara has a bdy: 3000). Then the chara transforms back


yay! it´s done
I used an other timer
not much different, the only bad thing is you teleport back to the point you started the transformation^^

[scroll down for download]

just some helpful lines ^^

id: 250 type: 1 data\justin_transformation.dat

Just looking at the data (I never tried it in game), the timer is limited to how long it takes for the weapon to drop on the ground, and then it spawns the bandit data w/o pics and then the the bandit object catches Julian and brings him to the transformation frames right? (I hope I'm right haha). And actually for transforming back, I thought the catching object moves to the caught object's position, not the caught object moving to the catching object's position but maybe it's different in this case. Anyway, if it does do that, u can instead have an itr kind 8 in the bandit's data that follows Julian around and then he'll transform back wherever he is at rather than where he started the transformation.

right, I thought about that too yesterday after I shut down the pc ^^
I´ll try it

€dit: Ok finished (justin need 500 mp to da the transform)
klick here --v to download
[download the file "limT_v2.rar" from attachments]
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