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Another non id fusion
Download links:

This fusion features:
1. Dja work like dja in the original fusion.
2. You don't see the other teammate after the fusion.
3. Its doesn't delete the other teammate & doesn't count him as a living character so the fusion character can lose(if you are dead but you have t0 in your team that is alive you won't lose even if you are dead as we know).Yes I know that yinyin made that with the templae fusion but if you kill the fusion template you don't win.
4. You can't fuse with an enemy.
5. The other teammate(t5) can defuse this fusion too.
6. There is a time limit for 30 seconds before auto defusing.


Fusion using ik8 to fuse firen and freeze. Noting special yet.

Instead of deleting the teammate hes being transform into a
t5(this t5 has next: 1200 to delete the user name)
while the person who control the fusion transform into firzen (id 51) using rudolf transformation.

Defusing dja (is the rudolf back transformation) frame 245 transform himself & his teammate via ik8 .

Auto defusing using t5 with a wait value that pinpoint on fusion character& spawning a t0 to defuse them into themself via ik8 .

Tell me if there is any bugs or problems. I test it a few times inorder to be sure there is no problems.

There one small problem but its hardly noticeable.The t5(character) with the next: 1200 still trigger the ai reaction to it making it to run away.

If I will use a normal next you will see the user name & the ai will ignore the other teammate .The ai ignore characters that are defined as other types but next: 12xx still cause the ai to react.

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Impressive stuff. Moved to Advanced DCing
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