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template #5: Kravus
(12-13-2009, 06:58 PM)Simoneon Wrote:  Hey you!
Where's the download link?
he's not dced yet.

About the char - I have always my thumbs up for projects that are unique.
You also should edit the frames where only moves one of his limbs. That looks strange, even on template.blah, i dont care :P

(12-13-2009, 06:59 PM)Marco B96 Wrote:  Wow Awesome Char Bamboori e ^^
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Oo...I smell Voldo!
Looks awesome, Bamboori, really.
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btw: should he get any special moves?
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yes... like... throwing eggs?


I'd say some kewl punch slash stabbing combos with alot spinning and jumping around
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I like the kicking weapon one. That seems like a really good idea.
[Image: variaboss.png]
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Of course he should get special moves. But some simple stuff. Some dashs( perforation move!), maybe an uppercut or a move where he begins to spin around very fast --> turns into some kind of tornado( but going horizontal, so turned by 90 degrees)...
Or you could give him a teleport. But mainly some uber-fast attacks. And, as Nave said, punching combos.
Awesome char by the way.
Thanks given by: Bamboori
thx for comments, move-list atm:
-whirlwind-slash (horizontal): evade+attack
-uppercut: new super punch (finished)
-fallout-attack: attack+jump

combos will be performable via normal attacks, like 2 punches->uppercut->whirlwind->turn around->fallout-attack

will also change some standard-moves.
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OMFG How long have I been gone D: Anyway... I like his... claws... o_o
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super punch finished, look at first post!
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celebrate and dance, kravus is... not finished yet :P but in the next few minutes, he should be, so be prepared :D

HE'S DONE! YAAAAAAAAAY! (quickest project eva lol)

dl link:
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