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Lttle Fighter 2 Character Biography
I've seen many people here talking about it, but I couldn't find it anywhere... One guy said that it's at, but didn't see it there. Could someone please tell me where it is?

After I find it, I'll put everything on there to here, so people can find bios by search on the forum :D
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May be it's LF2 Side Story (LF2 Sx2). Goolge it.
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It was said to be official, but I doubt that side stories are official...
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Here are the character biographies by the Little Fighter Alpha series:


Bat is a warrior in the Little Fighter team.
He owns the power of the bats, and is one of the strongest warriors.
He had killed John and Louis together with Davis, but Louis got his revenge by becoming LouisEX and killing Bat.
The warrior is known as ''Bat'' because of the bats that come to rescue him when there's danger.

Davis is also a strong warrior from the Little Fighter team.
Bat and Davis together beat Louis.
When John teleported Davis away with Jan, they found a team of warriors that are also willing to find and kill Firzen and his team.
With the help of Deep they succeeded at killing Freeze.
Davis is known as a pro in a short distance fights, and especially with his strong ''Blue Energy Punch'' attack.

Jan is a fighter in the Little Fighter team.
She is very helpful and strong.
In the fight against Freeze, Davis was the only one who wasn't freezed.
And in that moment she suddenly discovered her healing powers, even thought she didn't know how exactly she activated them.

Woody is a member of the Little Fighter team.
When John teleported him and Henry, he met the Monks who were interested in killing Frizen.
The Monks offered to teach him their special attacks and he agreed.
At the end Woody became a very strong warrior, and helped the Monks to fight Louis and his army together with Henry.

Henry used to live in the forest and to protect his people from Frizen.
When he met the Little Fighter team he accepted to join them and help them.
Henry owns a very powerful bow that can hit from a very long distance.
Another special weapon that he owns is the magic flute.
With the power of the magic flute he causes a huge damage to his enemy's while they're lifted in the air.

The monks are very strong warrior with special powers.
They all hate Frizen and his gang so they helped the Little Fighter team when they met them.
Woody and Henry helped the Monks in the battle against LouisEX and his army in the cruel battle.


Rudolf the samurai works together with Jack and Danis.
He spent all his life searching for the murderer of his master and willing to kill him, Deep.
But when he finally got the chance to kill him, he chose to let him live.

Dennis is Jack's and Rudolf's partner.
He is strong and fights with his special kicks.
His strongest weapon is his huge energy ball which can follow the enemy.
He used it in the fight against Freeze.

Jack is Rudolf's and Dani's good friend, and always helps them.
His strongest attacks are a combination of somersault in the air and energy balls/kicks.


Deep killed Rudolf's master.
When he met Rudolf they fought in a very cruel right, and Rudolf won but decided to let Deep live.
This action changed Deep's way of thinking, Deep went to help Davis in the fight against Freeze,
and without his help Davis would have lost.

Louis is one of the Evil army leader.
He managed to to put in jail most of the Little Fighter warriors. Which Bat later on rescued)
He is very strong and is known as a unbeatable, but Bat and Davis succeeded at defeating him.
But they didn't know a very important face, and that is his ability to transform into LouisEX.
Louis is also the leader of the Knights, very strong warriors who are in his command.

LouisEX is definitely stronger than the normal Louis.
He came to revenge together with his Knights army.
After a very long and cruel fight he managed to kill Bat.
Henry and Woody instantly killed him afterwards and died few minutes later after Bat himself died.
LouisEX is known with his energy waves.

The Knights are very strong warriors and support Louis.
They have a very strong armor that protects them from hits.
They are known with their lightening attacks with their swords.
They fought in a almost even fight against the Monks.
John is also a leader of the Frizen army and a very powerful magician.
He can teleport to places very easily and he managed to separate the Little Fighter team by teleporting them.
It wasn't too long until they found each other again.
Bat eventually found him and killed him.

Freeze is a great warrior that supports Frizen and owns the power of the ice.
It was very hard for the little fighter team to kill him.
He fought with his freezing ice sword and his unbeatable ice balls.
He even has a dominating tornado that can protect him from a strong hits.
Eventually Freeze is defeated by Deep and Davis but no one knows that he isn't really dead...


Firen is a leader in the Firen army.
Woody and Henry, with a group of strong Monks, attacked his cave, and fought against his evil sorcerers.
When Firen appears, Woody chase after him to the cave, and defeat him in a glorious battle.
But firen succeeded to stay alive, and he go right after Woody to help Freeze to ambush the LF2 group that have been waited outside the cave.


Firzen is the Main Leader of the Evil army (We don't know if Firzen controls Julian or if it is the opposite)
Anyway Little Fighter's team goal is killing him and by that destroying the evil army.


He is ????????,we aren't supposed to know even his name but it's obvious.
What we do know is that he is the Main Leader of Firzen's evil army.

Taken from website:

Thanks :D
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Could it be the LF2 Character Guide by Jiquera?

(it can be found under the Links section of

If not, I haven't heard of any LF2 Char Biography - can't be that popular then
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just see the little fighter alpha series on youtube..thats the only story
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