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[rep-char] Tania (RELEASED!!!)
Thanks guys.
Phil Wrote:wish granted~
char looks cool and the moves are creative as well, but wouldn't you want to make her more girlish?
you don't have to, just wondering..
K, I won't change those sprites. Too lazy to sprite. Thx for da comments.
Simoneon Wrote:Yea, if it really represents you, then in my opinion you should do as much as you can to make this char similar to you (?).
Oh and, nice to see female here, on lfe :P

Gotta download the char by the way.
Offtopic: Yeah girls are "rare" here so I'm rare too:D.
Ontopic: I want the sprite to be that way so...
I think it's (rather) similar to me, so it looks fine for me.
btw if you find a bug post here
[Image: abstractdaad.png]
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