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Getting someone to the Enemy´s side
I hope that I get more help now. =D
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well, didnt think I get time to think of your problem - but you`re a lucky guy.

Sry, not sure if parts of this are already suggested - didnt read through everything

The basic idea:

One question before: How you want to recognize if the ball fell down from sky or is thrown? Cause my method might also work if the ball fall from sky, not sure...

1. Throw the ball
2. When the ball lie on floor activate an opoint - this opoint is repeated cause the lie on floor-frame is also a loop, so make sure the object you spawn disappear soon...
3. This object is T3 and has a bdy on y: 1000 - you have to modify EVERY char and add a ik0 effect 4 (this rebound effect if I remember right) at y: 1000. The object disappear after 1 TU (next 1000).

If it gets hurt during this small time it should go the rebound-frame (30) - there you can opoint out your lil demon.

- Might also work if stone fall from sky and somebody who hurts the ball earlier has a lil demon as friend.
- the global bdy / itr on y: 1000 - I`m not sure (start forgetting DC stuff :() but this might also work on friends and enemies - and my main idea for this is that this ball is rebounded from enemies and turn to enemies side - and attack you then, but you might be able to rebound him, too - I`m really not sure, maybe try it out a bit and if you have problems describe them and add your code - makes it easier (and use code tags plz)

one last thing: if your demon is activated make sure you delete the stone - just give the demon a bdy @ y: 500 and the stone a ik8 @ y: 500 and add a dvx which lead to a frame where the stone selfdestruct...
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(02-09-2010, 09:49 PM)MH-Razen Wrote:  One question before: How you want to recognize if the ball fell down from sky or is thrown? Cause my method might also work if the ball fall from sky, not sure...

I used this grenade-move:

1. Stone falls from the sky
2. Char picks it up
3. Stone transforms during the on-hand frames to stone2
4. char throws stone2
5. stone2 transforms during on-ground frames to living-angry stone

I want the angry-living stone to be independent or in an other team than the one who threw the stone.

ah, ok... ~ MH-Razen
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So, I´m back.

My Computer chrashed and during the time it needed to repair, I thought of something:
If the stone would spawn an T0 during the fall frames which will stick at the stone with an kind: 8 it should be independent right? So when a char picks the stone the T0 will be there the whole time. Then, when the stone will be thrown and lands on the ground, the T0 should pick him, then lead him to a transforming frame and then dissappear.

I think it would work, but i´m not sure and don´t know how to realise it.
Has anyone an idea?
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itr:8's only work on T0 objects, but not on stones (T1), sry...
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Really? Then I have to think of an other way.
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you might want to check out [this].

Mess around with the friendly fire data - julian's own attacks will target (and hit) himself (which makes him pretty much suicidal). Somehow with weapons opointing things before they change teams (e.g. by being picked up or being hit), the opointed objects will be self-hitting objects.

Theory to solve your problem (note that all frame numbers here are theoretical if not already defined):
1) on_ground frame 20 - make a next: 25
2) frame 25
wait: 0 next: 26 hit_a: 400 hit_d: 28 #see_frame_28_further_down

3) frame 26
wait: 0 next: 27

4) frame 27 state: 2004, like what frame: 20 would look like in a normal heavy weapon (so that character can pick it up).
5) frame 28, exactly the same as frame 27, except this one constantly opoints a t0 that will be our activator for the living stone

now we have two choices for implementing when to activate the living stone, you can either have the angry living stone object stay where it is, and opoint the t0 in frame 28 with a huge bdy, or in every frame except frame 28 (mentioned above), you would opoint a t0 with a bdy in a different position. this t0 will be our place correction (using this method will more likely prevent bugs from happening when multiple living stone things are on the field). I'd go with this placeholder correction method.


6) the living stone (assuming we're using the placeholder correction method) will have 2 ik8s. let's say you opoint the living stone on frame 50. then ik8A will have dvx: 50 which reacts to the place correction t0, and ik8B will have dvx: 51 (assume 51 is the frame which the stone comes alive). so in frame 28 of the original stone thingy, the t0 will have a bdy that corresponds to this ik8B.

7) that's how you activate the living stone thing, and now we just need to delete our original stone that fell from the sky, which is easy - just make the living stone have ik0 with bdefend: 100 that hits the original stone in frame: 28

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