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(Char) Modified Frozenfiren... PS not my own again!
So, mind making a new thread in sprites section showing all your progress of YOUR (OMGOM GOMGOMG!!!!) char?
Would be extremely kind and awesome thing from you! :3

Also, holy grail, use .png to show us your sprites.
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(04-06-2010, 07:36 PM)injured Wrote:  tho its yet not completely mine

yet? are you gonna buy it from forgetlatios or what?
well, i can only agree with divisor: make your own chars ;) there are enough tutorials around here and on the mainsite for that.
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yet means, later ill create one which is completely mine XD
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you could have pmed me... i mean you could take the sprites but not the data, he's my first actually not bad char. but since it's done, and i did changing numbers, as long as you don't use other peoples chars again, i 'approve' of the mod.
i realised... looking at the screenies you use angel_adam's ennot's attack too
[Image: UB2.gif]

News of the day 19th Sep 10: Someone's back on track
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