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Arcane's sprites
first of all thank you very much :)

maybe i will animate the attack when i have time^^
also thanks for the link i will try one more time on the hair ;D

hey guys im back with a new try of the hair :D

[Image: custom3.png] [Image: custom4.png]

what do you think about the hair?
yeah i made a new sprite today ( after my first was deleted in the sprite game idk why o_O)

[Image: tomq.png] Tom

Thanks to prince_freeza for his detail tut and again thx to Alectric for his hair tut :)
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finaly a new sprite I made:

[Image: maxb.png] Max

what do you think? ;)
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i think that you have a potential :D dont lose it just keep it up and you will powning with sprites in no time :D
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Thank you very much o_O
now ill try to make the sprites for the "Henry attck Animation"^^

PS: nice sig^^
Just finished the animation:

[Image: Henry_attack3.gif?t=1279478708]

And again can't be used ingame, because I used a lot of glow =D
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It still looks awesome.
Max looks a bit like a kid, don't know if it's intentional.
Tom is kinda good, but there are some thing that bother me. When designing a character, is it best if distinguishing features is clear and easy to see. Sadly, his face is obstructed by his collar, it seems like. Also, his hair seems... I dunno, odd.
I also like both of the guy with the suit's hairstyles.
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reminds me of my first character ( and only one realesed :P ) ever named duke :D
[Image: skil4-2.gif]
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Hey guys^^
here is my entry for the RE-made sprite section:

Alectric ------> My Version
[Image: Alectric.jpg?t=1279533691] ---->[Image: Re-madeAlectric2.jpg?t=1279535273]

Max: I did not make him look like a kid intentionally but im happy with the finished result =D
Tom: I wanted him to look cool and I thoght the big coollar looks cool but if it doesnt i'll fix it ;)

@hell fighter:
wow this attack looks awesome in my opinion o_O
here are the charging sprites:
[Image: Henry_attacke3.jpg?t=1279533690]
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okay here are my new sprites:

re-made (dark): [Image: re-made_darl.jpg?t=1280345718] he is so fat D: im not happy with this sprite...

Superhero: [Image: spritegame_superhero2_chi.jpg?t=1280345778]
my new entry for the re made sprite section:

[Image: th_remadedarl3.jpg?t=1280487710] Darl
Thanks given by: betitngoan
Hi there :)

today i finaly made a new sprite =D

[Image: th_firenedit.jpg?t=1280600076]

c&c welcome :)
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Well, not much to say since it's a Firen edit. The way you added the fire to the pants looks pretty good as a design, could be cool if you redesigned the entire outfit.
Thanks given by: snorsorbet

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