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Arcane's sprites
In addition to what PS said, the skin looks very flat. Try increasing the contrast between shadows and highlights on the skin.

TITLE: a idea
make cave for bear?
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I made a new sprite :)
I was watching "ShamanKing" today ( I love it :D ) and i thought "what about spriting Trey?"
So here is the sprite:

[Image: Trey.jpg?t=1280678607]

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His hair is maybe too simple and his legs are kinda short :/ and where is his snowboard?
And maybe you could sprite Bason :o it would be awsome!
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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Ya i think i will sprite him and maybe Yoh 2 :)
but now i am 1 week at my grandparents :/
maybe i can use the laptop of my sister but i have no internet there so i can't upload sprites i make :(
i made the legs so short because i thougt his jacket is very long :|
but if you want to i'll try to fix the legs and the hair :P
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OFF-TOPIC: You watched Shaman King? Huh, I can't find it.

ON-TOPIC: Looks kinda funky. Could be improved.
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Hey guys :)
im back from "hollydays" (visited grandma & grandpa :D) and now i try to sprite Ren Tao of Shaman King ;)

here you can watch every episode of shaman king:
Thanks given by: Ragor
that last sprite looks cool... but hair is kinda ... flat?

@Whaat i son't think his legs are short, maybe they are just under the coat?
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Hey guys :)
im sorry but I was veeery lazy in the last weeks D:
also i wasnt motivated enough to go on spriting shaman king characters =|
maybe i will do this in the future...

but here i am with something totally different :D
I animated a Blast-Attack for Jack with Adobe Flash CS3 :)
Unfortunately its not possible to make it look like this ingame but I did it just4fun :D
( actually i don't even have real sprites of the attack xD )

Didn't know how to show a SWF- file in this forum so here is the link:

Jack - Blast

glow on Jack's body doesn't look good =O

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maybe you should stop spriting and start animating. that looks really amazing.
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The animation is smooth and awesome, you could have given it in-depth lighting (you know, like the ones in LF2). But, I guess you just did this for fun, so never mind. ^^
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