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[solved] menu in the right side
the problem is that it wont help u very much... no one knows how far u want to shift to the right - what size your menu items will be etc... ure better off doing it ur self

its really not that hard :

get ollydbg (google)
open lf2 with it
press shift+f9 (might have to do it a few times) until lf2 is running
press ctrl+g
enter the address u want to go to (00427921 < that is an address)
double click any line u want to edit and change the number (look in my post i put ;x and ;y in places u should edit)
the numbers are in hex - if u type "300 in hex" google will automatically convert for u
then it is just a matter of following my instructions and messing about with the numbers
Thanks given by: Alblaka
But i have other problem.I don't know coding.I just need it on the right side like in the picture you have been posted to show.If i can code i will do it but i can't.It's hard for me.And sry for my english.I study it now.
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