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Tao's Temple
This bug happens because LF2 (2.0 and above) doesn't know what to do if you manage to beat Survival, which is meant to continue forever in an infinite loop.
It causes the Stage select to get stuck in "Survival", while the survival stage itself becomes bugged roughly in the manner you described - its pretty much always a Template with apparently x30 lives and a gajillion HP, though some other strange variants like Deeps falling out of the sky can happen.

On a related note, in the old 1.9 verison of LF2, although there is no Survival stage, it is possible to get to a "stage 6" by completing a stage 4-10, which causes a similar bug to above.

Nothing you can do except restart LF2.
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I see..

(02-18-2018, 08:56 PM)Gad Wrote:  Seems like you've messed up the original data used for the stage. Did you replace/reuse any of the ids used for the mod?

I didn't reuse or replace IDs. I do replace stage.dat and modify data.txt.
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