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A few last words.
>Seriously, this means we have a BIG lack of modding power now...
I beg to differ

>Hope you won't miss me
of course I won't. We'll be having ice cream all day at the LFE staff towers >:3
:( - Simoneon
though the chair with "somin" on it might be disturbing.. .. ~ Phil
:caveman: - Simoneon
or wait if he is vip he is still in the staff towers!?! ~ Phil
:awesome: - Simoneon
so we can eat iscreams together! YAY ~ Phil
of course somin is still in the staff towers. there's no need to miss him because he's hanging around anyway ^^ NAO GET THOZE ISCREAM B4 BP DOES!!11 ~ Marshall
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Thanks for all your hard work simon. Ill try to be as badass as you ;)

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Good luck with playing Good Mod - Bad Mod with your partner-in-crime Phil
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I will miss u XD, especially raging out on me.... Just kidding. He's 23 yrs old and have better things to do like creating his own strategy game. I think he's resigning becoz he was inspired from the release of StarCraft2.
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Rest In Peace
you will be missed...





EDIT: well good work and appreciate your effort as a global mod on lfe :)
some one oughta make a hall of fame for the mods peoples and stuff
~its been a long time coming~
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(08-26-2010, 06:00 PM)Simoneon Wrote:  (it's not a farewell)
I bet you said that only so your thread doesn't get disposaled as a farewell thread XD
Anyway, this means that the mighty spiked banhammer shall be overtaken by the even mightier Duckscalibur. But then, you don't ban half teh bots these days ;D

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Although I don't pay particular attention to you mods (no offense meant, its just that I just look at you guys as regular members who unfortunately are burdened with extra duties.), I totally understand(from experience) and appreciate the grit you guys put forth in putting up with and cleaning up the occasional crap spewed by everyone.

Still... I'll see you around?

we need a good forum mod to recognise the efforts of moderators and other key members so that they're not forgotten... by immortalising them as LF2 characters! too bad that's usually such a difficult endeavor. Grrr! I NEED A ARMY OF MONKEYS TO DO MY BIDDING. then I can teach them to sprite and DC and then it might work.

you do the dcing, I'll con apoc into doing the spriting, and I'll crack my whip at both of you and laugh maniacally while I'm at it. How about that?
But in all seriousness(and fun!), we should really consider this idea, eddie pm-ed me with an idea of making it a forum project, but a full mod is ridiculous, so we're thinking of a LFE-character pack kind of idea, and it can double as a hall of fame! of course, it should always be up for additions to its ranks, until maybe one day in the future it'd be big enough to be turned into a full mod.
Sounds good to me. Would be really great if we could team up together :) ~ Blue Phoenix

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I do the DCing, you the spriting. Deal? xD
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i will never miss you!!
ill miss you mate
hope youll stay around btw if you want to add me to skype pm me :l
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