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Your theme song
My video-game theme
Hip-hop remix of "Nabari No Ou- Tobari No Ketsui".

My Real-Life theme
My Anti-Xbox360 & Ps3 fanboy song...Yeah you know Wii rock and Wii rollin.

"'~Nirvana Is Salvation Of Your Soul~'"
[Image: yurisignn.jpg]
[Image: yurisig2.jpg]
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mine would be this i guess:

awesome, rocking and going on everybody's nerves after a few minutes :D
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there's too much and it depends on mood... here's one. may post more later (i mean how can you choose from more than 7000 songs in your media player?)

you don't want to see this (Click to View)
avatar by Una
the other by xFire
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(09-06-2010, 03:00 PM)Bamboori Wrote:  awesome, rocking and going on everybody's nerves after a few minutes milliseconds :D
fixed it for ya
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[Image: sdf.png] You all got pretty awesome songs. Keep it up!
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Zabobula's themes:

Awakening Theme:

Arrival Theme:

Fighting theme:

Destruction (Me) Theme:

Destruction (Everyone Else) Theme:

Escape is a two-syllable word that grants temporary peace in the present to a future victim.
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How i feel everyday when producing astrological readings or doing astro research

A sequence of variables thatre engraved since the beginning of the cosmos is responsible for animating things in reality
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