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A question about LF2 created character.
Hi there im new here.I wanted to ask you, what program do you use to make or edit LF2 pictures?I tried to edit pictures with MS Paint but it doesn't look good like other created characters i saw.If you have a fine program for this please leave a link. Thanks.
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Hi MikeXL,
welcome to LFE! As for your question, there are numerous ways of editing the graphics. In general, every program is good for spriting, there are just some that are easier to use than others. For example, if you want to replicate a Photoshop-image in MSPaint, it'll be much harder. But the key to spriting is patience. If you are willing to invest a good load of time into it, you are almost free from any limits.
As for programs itself, the mainsite offers a few: ;)
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Hi BluePhoenix, thanks for the answers it really helped me.
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Programs I know that are used for spriting:
1.Adobe Photoshop (although it costs,it is quite worth it.)
2.GIMP (some spriters in our forum recommend this program mainly for the fact that it is free and does about as much as Adobe Photoshop)
3.PhotoFiltre(It has some nice features here and there.)
There is also,MS Paint and Paint Tool Sai.
Good luck in spriting dude!
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Hey Mike Welcome to LFE. I mainly recommend Photoshop for your little fighter sprites. Now don't post "thanks" and "right" kinda posts. its considered spam. Just click thanks button and u can have a free chat via PM.

Good luck!.

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try me.
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Hi so i downloaded this Photoshop CS5 and now im installing it. Is this a good version?
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(12-01-2010, 05:26 PM)firzenx Wrote:  censored. - Azriel~
Support the developer.
Say no to piracy.

(12-01-2010, 06:36 PM)MikeXL Wrote:  Hi so i downloaded this Photoshop CS5 and now im installing it. Is this a good version?
It's the newest version.
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(12-01-2010, 07:20 PM)Someone else Wrote:  
(12-01-2010, 05:26 PM)firzenx Wrote:  censored. - Azriel~
Say no to piracy.

And yes to freeware like Paint/GIMP/Photofiltre!

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For starters, some of us started out with just paint or photofilter...
I'd preferably recommend Gimp cuz it's just as good as PhotoShop aside from lacking a handful of nifty professional tools/options
When u have chosen your program browse through the forum and observe other users sprites
click here if you would like to see the tutorials
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Thanks LutiChris. I will check out the tutorials.I am now downloading Photoshop CS4 because CS5 doesn't work for me and CS3 is only for Windows XP and Windows 7 and im using Vista.
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