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LFE Chronicles- Clash of the Empires
oh dear. to the egg tart thing, I was trying to make basically everyone suddenly insane (hence the small voice in the back of bamboori's head that got swamped by the madness)....looks like i didn't make it too obvious D:
and to the continued story....if i do continue it, it will be more like the 3rd in the lfe chronicles, and probably ending at that. and hopefully i won't be taking 4 month breaks from it either :P

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Looking back at it... Yes, it is (or should be) obvious. Guess it didn't occur to me because it paled in comparison to bp's madness. Or it was just me doing a dozen things simultaneously. :P
Stories- Wrath of MH-Razen and Clash of the Empires
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well about the female members, we have koori, xidd and tania :p

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...from which koori's the only one being active :p
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