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Ip address battleroom
This is the battleroom where people battle
This is where people put there ip address of the game and fight online

First put your ip address then the name of the game like this


Let's battle in Little fighter alpha

Have fun everyone thanks
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How the hell this is supposed to work?
You can't connect directly via your IP.

Try using Hamachi or LFLobby, both solutions work, yours don't.

PS: Sry, but mind stop creating useless threads?
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ahem.. you can connect directly via ip. that was the whole idea behind network mode. :p

though alb is right in his last sentence. That thread is kinda useless as we have the hamachi rooms-thread and also nobody will write his ip here in public (especially some might not even trust you), so keep that in mind. So ya.

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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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